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Shop local businesses. Print the coupons and receive special incentives and VIP treatment. Start shopping!  To view and print coupons click on "Discounts & Specials" button above and select your category of interest or review all "Local Deals".

When shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvements and promote community development. Each time we spend locally, whether retail or any service company, we invest in the future of our home town.

Shopping locally:
  • Strengthens the overall economy and keeps local businesses strong.
  • Fosters community by enriching the quality of life for all residents.

All Sedona businesses and residents are invited to participate!  In fact, it's FREE to promote your business on this site if you are a Sedona Chamber of Commerce member, a member of the Sedona Main Street Program or your business is registered with the City of Sedona.

The Chamber wishes to extend a big "Thank You" to our Shop In Sedona partner:

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